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Welcome to Puri SPA Malacca, where you will find some of the region’s finest natural healing traditions in a peaceful sanctuary of relaxation, comfort, and serenity.

Located within the tropical gardens of Hotel Puri, the spa is housed in a traditional Peranakan setting, and it features an open-air tropical water garden with 5 private treatment rooms located on two levels. As you embark on your journey with us, step into our realm of relaxation and let your senses be calmed by the comforting sounds of flowing water, soothing music, and natural aromatic fragrances.


Choose from an array of traditional wellness therapies and treatments inspired by the diversely rich cultures of the Malay Archipelago regions. Using the finest natural botanical and aromatic ingredients, each treatment is specially personalized to gently balance and reinvigorate the body and mind. 

Whether you select a therapeutic body massage, an individual treatment, or a Puri relaxation package, our gracious and skilled therapists will ensure your time with us is an enjoyable and truly memorable spa experience.


Each package consists of a variety of treatments carefully put together to cater to the different needs of our discerning guests. Select one that suits your needs or mood and experience a spa journey the Puri way. Refreshing face towel, homemade ginger tea and relaxing foot spa are served at the beginning of every package in our relaxing lounge.

60 minutes | RM 188

De-stress and re-energize yourself as we put you through a series of 4 treatments which focus on loosening tightened back muscles and polishing your skin using fresh, natural ingredients from recipes passed down through generations.

Sequence of treatments:

  • Citrus Foot Spa
  • Back Revitalising Scrub
  • Relaxing Heat Pillow
  • De-stress Full Back, Shoulder & Head Massage

120 minutes | RM 268

Supermodels often say the sun is the skin’s greatest enemy. We say try our super-relaxing sunshield package before playing in the sun. Our specially formulated plant-based aromatherapy lotion will protect you from the sun’s harmful rays. Supermodel or not, prevention is better than cure.

Sequence of treatments:

  • Lemongrass Foot Spa
  • Coconut & Rice Body Polish
  • Relaxing Head Massage
  • Rain Shower
  • Sun Care Aromatherapy Massage

150 minutes | RM 318

Tired after taking in all the historical sights by foot? This combination of comforting therapies is aimed at restoring balance to mind, body and spirit. Enjoy 2.5 hours of varied treatments to reenergize your weary body.

Sequence of treatments:

  • Tea Tree & Pandan Foot Spa
  • Traditional Foot Massage
  • Puri Salt Glow
  • Relaxing Head Massage
  • Rain Shower
  • Malay Traditional Massage

150 minutes | RM 328

Over-exposure to the sun leads to skin damage and hastens the aging effect. Choose this package to experience blissful pampering and neutralize the sun’s effects at the same time. Recommended for a soothing experience after hours under direct sunlight.

Sequence of treatments:

  • Peppermint Foot Spa
  • Jungle Rain Body Scrub
  • Aloe Cucumber Facial
  • Rain Shower
  • Lavender Relaxing Massage

150 minutes | RM 348

A relaxing ritual which exploits the detoxifying properties of specially-selected rainforest
herbs and spices. Skin tapping ritual practiced traditionally by indigenous people in the Malay
Archipelago followed by head and deep tissue massage lead you to a deep state of relaxation
after detoxifying steam and wrap treatments.

Sequence of treatments:

  • Eucalyptus & Ginger Foot Spa
  • Traditional Herbal Steam
  • Skin Tapping Ritual
  • Vitality Purification Wrap
  • Relaxing Head Massage
  • Rain Shower
  • Deep Tissue Massage

180 minutes | RM 408

An exotic array of tropical herbs, spices and flowers are combined in this series of treatments to leave you with a memorable experience of your stay at Hotel Puri Malacca.

Sequence of treatments:

  • Royal Floral Foot Spa
  • Traditional Herbal Steam
  • Ginger and Kaffir Lime Body Scrub
  • Tropical Spice Wrap
  • Relaxing Head Massage
  • Rain Shower
  • Herbal Poultice Infusion
  • Puri Signature Massage

180 minutes | RM 428

Our highly acclaimed head-to-toe Signature package starts with a soothing foot treatment followed by body scrub, wrap, facial and finished with panache with our signature massage. Traditional healing properties of tropical fruits, gula melaka and selected flowers are used to create a totally blissful experience.

Sequence of treatments:

  • Barefoot Bliss Ritual
  • Tropical Botanical Scrub
  • Rainforest Secret Wrap
  • Traditional Malay Facial
  • Rain Shower
  • Puri Signature Massage

per couple | 210 minutes | RM 788

A 3.5 hours romantic spa journey for couples to renew vigour and fan the flames of passion. Cocoa, the main ingredient for chocolates, and flowers feature heavily in the treatments for this escapade.

Sequence of treatments:

  • Heaven–scented Foot Spa
  • Cocoa Bean Body Polish
  • Royal Indulgence Cocoon
  • Relaxing Head Massage
  • Rain Shower
  • Puri Signature Massage
  • Tropical Rejuvenating Facial
  • Sensual Romantic Bath


Every spa individual treatment journey begins with a refreshing face towel, homemade ginger tea and relaxing foot spa.

50 minutes | RM 148
75 minutes | RM 198
90 minutes | RM 218
120 minutes | RM 248

We offer our pick of all-time favourite massage techniques for you to enjoy the healing power of touch. Whichever one you prefer, start by picking a pure essential oil blend of your choice to go with it. We have 4 specially formulated blends with unique characteristics of their own for you to choose from.

Tropical Energy – Uplifting and refreshing with essential oils of lime, lemongrass & ginger.
Tropical Passion – Enchanting and sensual with essential oils of ylang ylang, cinnamon & jasmine.
Tropical Relax – Calming and soothing with essential oils of ho leaf, neroli & vetiver.
Tropical Spice – Balancing and captivating with essential oils of patchouli, sandalwood & nutmeg.

  • Malay Traditional Massage
    Inspired by massage skills handed down from generation to generation in the Malay archipelago, this relaxing treatment combines classic techniques such as kneading, broad strokes and soothing body sweeps to form a truly effective therapy to eliminate stress and relieve muscle aches.
  • Aromatherapy Massage
    Choose your preferred blend from our carefully concocted choice of pure essential oils and enjoy its therapeutic aroma as our trained therapists skillfully work your body with firm but comforting massage techniques. It won’t be long before you reach a state of bliss.
  • Deep Tissue Massage
    Surrender to our therapist’s expert manipulation as penetrating finger pressure at strategic points is alternated with broad, long strokes and carefully kneading to rid tension and unclench tight muscles. Great for relaxation after sports activities.
  • De-Stress Back Massage ( 30 minutes / 50 minutes )
    Specially designed to target muscle aches and discomfort around neck, shoulders, upper back and lower back muscles, this therapy is also an effective stress-buster. Relax as our therapists diligently knead, rub and pummel the targeted muscles into submission.


Each | 60 minutes | RM 168

All our facial series feature peppermint foot spa, facial cleansing, facial scrub, aroma facial
massage, cooling roller treatment, warm compress, facial masque, toning with flora water and application of essential harmony blend suitable for your skin type. Ingredients used are derived from 100% natural botanical products based on Asian beauty secrets from Malaysia’s various cultures.

  • Malay Traditional Facial ( for all skin type )
    Selected local herbs with a dash of sandalwood are used to provide exfoliating cleansing while the cooling and brightening properties of sengkuang (yam bean) are tapped for an effective scrub. The natural goodness of Malaysia’s national flower, Hibiscus is chosen for facial masque for its many benefits including removal and reduction of pore clogging, skin softening and improved general appearance and condition of the skin.
  • Tropical Rejuvenating Facial ( for dry / mature skin / anti aging )
    This facial features the use of our black rice mask which helps to reduce the appearance of
    fine lines and wrinkles. Black rice contains antioxidants and polysaccharides to soothe skin and restore elasticity, leaving skin exceptionally soft and supple. Complemented by our multiple-step facial treatments, this facial is recommended to push back the effects of aging.
  • Revitalising Aromatherapy Facial ( for sensitive / sun-burnt skin )
    A sumptuous concoction of Kacang hijau (green pea) and herbs is used as facial scrub.
    Traditionally used by Asians to help smoothen, calm and refresh even the most sensitive skin, kacang hijau helps to maintain softness of facial skin. Our kacang hijau scrub formulation gives you a fine-textured, non-abrasive peel suitable for sensitive skin. Enzymatic facial masque with natural fruit enzymes to encourage skin regeneration and renewal is also a highlight of this facial.
  • Deep Cleansing Facial ( for him / oily / blemish prone skin )
    Mangir facial scrub and Green Clay Masque are special features in this male-oriented facial.
    Mangir facial scrub has long been traditionally used to deeply cleanse and hydrate skin. This
    special blend of rice and herbs will result in smooth and soft skin. On the other hand, Green Clay Masque contains high percentage of trace elements with powerful cleansing properties known for exfoliating, astringent and purifying qualities.


Indulge your hands and feet with these luxurious treatments.

  • Traditional Foot Massage
    30 minutes – RM 88 | 60 minutes – RM 148
    Pamper your underrated feet with this timeless treatment. Immerse in a comforting foot bath followed by a soothing & refreshing foot massage using pure essential oils for improved circulation.
  • Barefoot Bliss Ritual
    60 minutes | RM 158
    If there is an ultimate treat for tired feet, this must be it. Start with a relaxing foot spa, followed by lemon foot scrub and rejuvenating coffee foot mask to remove dead skin cells and soften skin. End with a super-relaxing foot massage to relieve soreness.
  • Tender Loving Pedicure
    90 minutes | RM 168
    Sit back and unwind to the symphony of cascading water as our therapist patiently cut and file your nails, trim excess cuticles, bathe your feet in nourishing, natural solution, scrub, mask and massage your feet. Choose either natural polish or a colour of your choice for the finishing touch.
  • Tender Loving Manicure
    90 minutes | RM 168
    When it comes to caring for your hands, this assortment of treatments is truly second to none. We cut and file your nails, trim excess cuticles, soak your hands in lavendar solution, give it a hibiscus scrub, apply enzymatic hand mask followed by a soothing hand massage. Choose either natural polish or a colour of your choice for the finishing touch.

90 minutes – RM 188

At Puri Spa, we pamper your hair with natural essential oils and aromatherapy. Our comprehensive treatment includes scalp and head massage, washing, masking, and conditioning to revitalize and repair your lifeless and dull locks. Our procedure ensures your scalp remains relaxed, leaving your hair silky and soft.

Each | 60 minutes | RM 158
Our body wrap series are best used after body scrub, which can provide a multitude of benefits to the skin and body. These include detoxification, body contouring, skin tightening skin softening and encouraging the lymphatic system.

  • Balinese Boreh
    Try our version of Indonesia’s famous boreh. We use time-honoured herbal ingredients to
    envelope your body and let them dispense their natural goodness. Recommended for improved circulation and detoxification.

  • Sumatra Coffee
    Coffee is rich in anti-oxidants, natural fruit acids and caffeine. Used as a body wrap, it has
    rejuvenating, nourishing and exfoliating effects while its natural fragrance is invigorating. It stimulates circulation, energizes the skin and is useful for cellulite prone areas.

  • Cocoa Bean Delight
    Cocoa beans nourish and moisturize skin to protect against signs of ageing. Apart from
    revitalizing, rejuvenating and regenerating skin, cocoa bean stimulates natural drainage, tones the body and combats cellulite and stretch marks. This wrap revitalizes tired skin, soothes and rebalances the skin leaving it smooth and soft. Especially suitable for clients with sensitive skin.

  • Tropical Coconut Milk
    This indulgent wrap combines coconut milk with purified white clay to soothe, soften, nourish and beautify skin. To enhance general appearance and complexion of skin, you cannot go wrong with this decadent body wrap.

Each | 60 minutes | RM 168
Selected botanicals or salt are chosen based on their inherent exfoliating and healing properties to give you great scrubs with myriad benefits.

  • Ginger And Kaffir Lime Scrub
    Give your body what it needs to slow down the signs of aging and relieve inflammation with this Ginger and Kaffir lime body scrub. Ginger and Kaffir lime have been used since ancient times for their therapeutic effects on the body. They contain antioxidants that fight free radicals and stimulate the body’s natural detoxification processes, as well as controlling the anti-inflammatory response. Revitalize with this ancient wonder from Asia.

  • Jungle Rain Body Scrub
    Cooling body scrub containing Aloe Vera and natural sea salt which has anti-ageing properties and is soothing to the skin. Useful remedy for sun burn and helpful for eliminating spots and marks, it refines the skin leaving complexion clean and clear. Great for tropical climate to reduce the effects of blazing sun.

  • Puri Salt Glow
    Our exotic salt scrub is a 100% natural formula to smoothen, soften, moisturize, and renew
    your skin. Excellent to rejuvenate and refresh tired skin, it also leaves a pleasant, lingering scent. Choose any one from the following salt base and essential oil blend concentrate for your salt scrub: ginger (awakening & stimulating), juniper (detoxifying & toning) and rose (healing and brightening).

  • Coconut & Rice Body Scrub
    Formulated with high fat desiccated coconut, pandanus extract, vanilla extract, white rice and glutinous rice, this scrub helps to exfoliate and soothe skin. Rich in nutrients without being over abrasive, this body polish is perfect for sensitive skin and provides UV protection.

45 minutes | RM 88
Baths are important daily ritual to South East Asians for cleansing the body and neutralising the heat of the tropics. Our bath series offer soothing warm soaks ideal for comforting tired muscles at the end of a long day.

  • Traditional Herbal Bath
    Tropical herbs high in essential oil content are selected to help refresh and reenergize the body. Herbs used are highly aromatic with uplifting and deodorizing effects. Herbs such as citronella and lime leaf also help to soothe tired and aching muscles while tumeric and usnea barbata provide anti bacterial and anti fungal properties to combat minor skin problems such as itchiness and rashes.

  • Relaxing Floral Milk Bath
    Luxurious milk bath enriched with flowers and sprinkled with Himalayan bath salt for an aromatic bath experience that cleanse, calm and moisturize the skin. Definitely a soothing solution to bask and soak in. sensitive skin and provides UV protection.

Spa Etiquette

Do I have to make a booking?
Yes, please visit the spa reception or phone to book a reservation, especially on weekends. If you are an in-house guest, please dial spa extension 810 or hotel extension 0.

Do I have to be exactly on time?
Please arrive at the Spa at least 10 minutes before your treatment time to enjoy in our relaxing lounge. Late arrival may result in your treatment time being reduced so that the next guest is not delayed.

What will happen if I don’t show up?
Guests will be charged a 50% cancellation fee for treatments cancelled less than 8 hours in advance.

Can I use my mobile phone?
To fully enjoy your spa treatment and for the comfort of our guests, the use of mobile phones is not allowed in the Spa area.

What about my valuables?
Please place all your belongings, (including handphones) in a secure place. We provide lockers in the Spa for your use. However, the Spa does not assume any liability for personal items.

What if I am pregnant or have health problems?
Please advise our staff when you make a booking so we may advise what treatments are safe for you.

What Spa Treatment and Services are offered?
All treatments and services offered are stated on our Spa Menu. We appreciate our guests’ consideration to be respectful to our therapists. Please do not request for services that are not stated.


We are open daily from 10am to 10pm (closed Wed). Prior reservation is recommended for us to block your preferred time and date. If you wish to have your spa appointment start earlier than 10:00am or later than 10:00pm, call us one day in advance and we will be pleased to accommodate you.

We are located inside Hotel Puri Melaka. In house guests may dial Spa extension: 810/Hotel Reception: 0 for your Spa appointment.


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