Situated within the grounds of the Hotel Puri Melaka with its Peranakan charm and interesting historical treasures. Biossentials Puri Spa Retreat invites you to take time out, unwind and be pampered in our peaceful environment with tropical water garden, quaint surroundings and inviting private facilities.

Whether you choose a single therapy option or select from our menu of enticing spa packages our professional spa therapists will ensure your journey with us is a very special experience. Biossentials purely natural botanical spa treatments infused with selected aromatic elements are carefully combined to restore, harmonise and balance.

Biossentials Puri Spa Melaka embraces the finest natural healing traditions of the region infused in the warmth and charm unique culturally rich surroundings. Residing within the tropical gardens of historical Hotel Puri, the spa provides a peaceful sanctuary of relaxation, comfort and serenity.

Influenced by the culture and traditions of Melaka great care is taken to maintain the character and heritage of our unique spa environment. Housed in a traditional peranakan setting, the spa is centered around an open air tropical water garden with five private treatment rooms located on two levels. As you start your journey with us step into our relaxation are and let you senses be calmed by the comforting sounds of flowing water, soothing music and natural aromatic fragrances.

The Puri Spa Menu offers an array of traditional wellness therapies and treatments inspired by the diversely rich cultures of the region. Utilising the finest natural botanical and aromatic ingredients each treatment is specially personalised to gently balance and renew body and mind. Whether you select a therapeutic body massage, individual treatment or puri relaxation package our gracious and skilled therapists will ensure your time with us is an enjoyable and truly memorable spa experience.

− Biossentials Puri Spa
Serenity in the heart of Melaka −

Spa Basics

Should I make a booking?
Please visit the spa reception or phone to book a reservation, especially at weekends.

When should i arrive?
Please visit at the spa at least 10 minutes before your treatment time and enjoy our relaxing environment.

What if I arrive late?
We regret that arrival may result in your treatment time being reduced so the next guest is not delayed.

What about my personal belongings?
Please place all your belongings, (including handphones) in a secured place. The spa does not assume any liability for personal items.

What if I am pregnant or have health problems?
Please inform our reception when you make a booking so we may advise what treatments are safe for you.

Can I use my handphone?
For the comfort of our guests, the use of handphones is not allowed in the Puri Spa area.

What if I miss a treatment?
Guest will be charged a 50% cancellation fee for treatments cancelled less than 5 hours in advance.

What Spa Treatment and Services are offered?
All treatments and services offered by biossentials Puri Spa are stated in our Spa Menu. We ask our guests be considerate to and be respectful of our spa therapists. Please do not request for services that are not stated.

Guest Comments

What our Puri Spa guests say:

The best massage that I’ve ever had, wonderful time. Thank you. –Marlene, Paris, France.

One, if not the best, a real bonus to any trip and visit. –Stephanie, Alexandra, Australia.

Ambiance very relaxing, 1 hour went by so quickly, Excellent massage, lovely aromatherapy oils and fragrances! –Joy Tulloh, Sydney, Australia.

Fantastic! The best Massage I’ve ever had, so relaxing...!!! – Laury, Australia.

Much more than expected. It has been a very recommendable experience. Staff i very kind and delicate. And the place invites one to relax. Great experience.

This is my first time to a spa the treatment is very good and unforgettable – Josephine, U.K.

An invigorating spa treatment in a beautiful relaxed setting. Thank you! Recommend the tropical Spice blend. – Helen, Australia.

One of the best massages I ever had and so wonderfully tailored towards my painful neck. Thank you. – Jessica, Germany.

This is my first spa experience. I was so comfortable and relaxed. Thanks a lot. – Shin, Japan.

The best massage I have had in my four week holiday. Smooth strokes with just the right amount of pressure. A truly wonderful experience. – Kate, Australia.

Excellent treatment, my back feels great. I’m relaxed and my feet look like a million. – Steven, Australia.

Bagus, Saya mahu datan lagi ini massage. – Nastumi, Japan.

5 star service and experience. You live up to your good name! Indeed very good as per my sister’s recommendation. – Geraldine, Singapore.

This was one of the best massages I’ve ever had, very relaxing and calming atmosphere. Unfortunately we have to leave tomorrow. – Alice, Germany.

Feel new born, wonder relaxing in a pleasant atmosphere. Fantastic. – Jenny, Germany.

Just what we needed, lovely ginger tea, beautiful setting and relaxing massage. What a great escape from Kuala Lumpur. Thank you Puri Spa. – Sue, Kuala Lumpur.

It was the first time I have had something like this and i loved every moment of it. – Nina.

Puri Spa Packages

Every Puri Spa journey includes a refreshing face towel, revitalising tea and relaxing foot spa in the tranquil ambiance of our peaceful water garden relaxation area.

Royal Puri Romance Ritual (per couple)

120 mins RM 660.00

  • Royal Floral Foot Spa
  • Tropical Hibiscus & Rose Body Polish
  • Luscious Mococa Borneo Wrap
  • Aroma Signature Massage
  • Royal Papaya Enzymatic Facial
  • Romantic Bath

Experience a 3-hour romantic journey for two with our top-to-toe ritual. Enjoy a side by side heavenly foot spa for tired feet, exfoliate fully with our gentle tropical hibiscus body scrub and indulge in a luscious cocoa body wrap. Continue with an aroma signature massage and brightening enzymatic papaya facial. Soak together in a specially prepared romantic bath to end the journey. The perfect way to celebrate a special occasion with a loved one.

Puri Puri

150 mins RM 395.00

  • Lime Mint Foot Feast
  • Malacca Palm Sugar Coconut Polish
  • Tropical Jasmine & Mango Butter Wrap
  • Oriental Pearl Facial
  • Puri Signature Massage

The ultimate Puri Puri package takes you on a tropical sensory experience. A delectable ginger, coffee and lime-mint foot feast will scrub and buff your feet to perfection. We’ll then polish your body with a luscious Melaka palm sugar and coconut scrub followed by Puri’s exotic mango & cocoa butter body mask scented with jasmine, Neroli and Ylang Ylang. Your skin will then enjoy nature’s finest oriental pearl hydrating facial, finish with a relaxing Puri signature massage to leave you glowing in tropical bliss.

Royal Puri Indulgence

120 mins RM 345.00

  • Royal Floral Foot Spa
  • Tropical Hibiscus & Rose Body Polish
  • Luscious Mococa Borneo Wrap
  • Aroma Signature Massage

Experience a sumptuous spa journey of total relaxation and pampering. A soothing milk and flower petal foot spa is followed by our gentle tropical hibiscus floral body polish. You are then enveloped in a delectable cocoa body wrap to restore, nourish and hydrate your skin. After a refreshing rain shower, complete your royal spa journey with a harmonising Aroma Signature Massage.

Vitality purification

120 mins RM 330.00

  • Natural Foot Spa
  • Traditional Herbal Steam
  • Skin Tapping
  • Detox Algae Mud Pack
  • Deep Tissue Massage

Vitality purification will cleanse, detox and restore balance. Begin with a traditional thai stream bath with fragrant organic herbs to encourage elimination. Our energising skin tapping will assist circulation and energy flow. A marine body mask rich in therapeutic sea minerals with juniper assists in the detoxification process. To complete your purification journey, a balancing deep tissue massage will leave you feeling recharged and refreshed.

Nusantara Heritage

120 mins RM 320.00

  • Pandan Cocnut Foot Spa
  • Traditional Massage
  • For her, Nusa Lulur & Yogurt Body Treatment
  • For Him, Nusa Spice & Yogurt Body Treatment

Inspired by ancestral knowledge from South Asia’s natural healing traditions, this wholesome package begins with fragrant pandan leaf and coconut milk foot spa. This is followed by a wonderfully relaxing traditional massage. The highlight is a Nusa Spice-wrap and yoghurt coated body blitz for Her or a Nusa Lulur-wrap and a yoghurt coated body blitz for Him. Each traditional body ritual conditions nad hydrates the skin leaving it soft, supple and glowing.

Puri Cool Refresh

90 mins RM 260.00

  • Natural Foot Spa
  • Ocean Breeze Cooling Wrap
  • Aloe Cucumber Facial
  • Soothing Lavender Massage

Soothe and nourish dehydrated or sun-affected skin effectively with our comforting cool refresh package. Start with a reviving peppermint foot spa. Your body is then enveloped in a soothing ocean marine mud wrap with aloe vera. Feel restored as the heat gently seeps away. Aloe cucumber recovery facial heals and soothes the skin. Complete your experience with a soothing Lavender massage to leave you feeling relaxed and refreshed.

Body Glow Ritual

90 mins RM 260.00

  • Eucalyptus & Tea Tree Foot Spa
  • Full Body Exfoliating Salt Glow
  • Aroma Signature Massage

Get totally buffed, polished and invigorated. Our 100% natural aromatic scrub will buff away dull tired skin with a nourishing blend of natural sea salt, clays and pure aromatic oils to leave your skin glowing and energised. Followed by a deeply relaxing full body signature aroma or deep tissue massage using your specially chosen blend of ils to leave feeling wonderfully calm and relaxed.

Back Works

60 mins RM 180.00

  • Eucalyptus & Tea Tree Foot Spa
  • Back Energising Scrub
  • Relaxing Heat Pack
  • Tension Relieving Back, Neck & Shoulder Massage

Releasing tension in the back, neck and shoulders Back Workers leaves you feeling energised and refreshed. Great for recharging and to de-stress. Begin with an invigorating back scrub to buff away dull skin leaving it nourished and cleansed. Followed by penetrating heat packs to soothe and promote relaxation. Finish the experience with our comfortable deep tissue massage to ease blockages & melt away tension.

Puri Holistic Massage Therapies

Puri holistic massage therapies skilfully combine therapeutic techniques to balance, harmonise and relax body and mind. Blossentials Tropical Spa pure essential oils enhance the benefits of the massage treatment.

TROPHICAL ENERGY – Uplifting and refreshing with essential oils of Lime, Lemongrass, Ginger.

TROPICAL PASSON – Enchanting and sensual with Ylang Ylang, Rose, Jasmine.

TROPICAL RELAX – Calming and soothing with Ho Leaf, Sandalwood, Vetiver.

TROPICAL SPICE – Balancing and captivating with Frankincense, Patchouli, Nutmeg.

Massage Therapy

Every spa massage therapy treatment includes a refreshing face towel and traditional herbal tea.

Signature Aromatherapy Massage

60 mins RM 145.00

90 mins RM 215.00

Delight the senses with your preferred aroma blend and enjoy their enriching qualities. Our holistic aroma massage technique with soothing and calming movements enhances circulation and well-being. Feel a total sense of peaceful relaxation.

Deep Tissue Massage

60 mins RM 145.00

90 mins RM 215.00

Deep tissue massage is a balancing treatment to relax tight and stressed muscles. A skilled combination of muscle de-stressing, broad, seeping strokes and finger pressure on specific points helps release tension, muscle aches, tightness or sports-related problems. This comfortable technique pays special attention to the back, neck and shoulders to leave you feeling totally relaxed and calm.

Traditional Massage Therapy

60 mins RM 145.00

90 mins RM 215.00

Inspired by time-honoured massage techniques from the healing traditions of South Asia, our wonderfully relaxing traditional massage combines skilful kneading, stroking and flowing body sweeps to effectively relieve tension and stress, Perfect for re-energising after a tiring day. Feel your vital energies restored and balanced.

De-Stress Back Massage

30 mins RM 100.00

60 mins RM 145.00

Puri Back Massage is the perfect solution to relieve muscle tension and stress common in the shoulders, back and neck. Feel the difference after thorough kneading and targeted techniques by our experienced therapists. Recommended to counter-balance a hectic and rushed lifestyle.

Puri Spa Individual Treatments

Every individual treatment includes a refreshing face towel and traditional herbal tea.

Puri Natural Facial Treatments

Holistic skin care with precious essential oils leaves your skin glowing and smooth. Biossentials Aromatherapy Facials for Him or Her contain chemical free pure and natural plant derived ingredients for gentle results. Each facial comes with relaxing foot or hand massage.

Oriental Pearl Facial

60 mins RM 158.00

Oriental Pearl facial experience brings Asia’s traditional beauty secrets to your skin. Traditional jade roller and lifting facial massage techniques enhance micro circulation to refresh stressed skin followed by our enriching pearl renew skin boost.

Deep Cleanse for Him

60 mins RM 158.00

Undergo our invigorating facial massage using choice ingredients formulated for male skin to reveal a visibly renewed and rejuvenated appearance. Maintain a clean and youthful image whether at work or leisure.

Revitalising Aromatherapy Facial

60 mins RM 145.00

Revitalising Aromatherapy Facial with purifying active French clay and precious essential oils to gently restore and balance the skin leaving a warm natural ‘lusturious’ glow.

Rejuvenating Enzymatic Facial Treatment

60 mins RM 150.00

A brightening facial treatment with natural fruit enzymes to gently exfoliate dead skin cells and encourage regeneration and renewal. Combined with precious essential oils to nurture your skin’s natural beauty.

Individual Treatments

Every individual treatment includes a cooling face towel and refreshing herbal tea.

Natural Body Wrap

60 mins RM 150.00

Biossentials all natural body treatments from time honoured traditions, envelop the body in pure nature to restore, nurture and soothe. Each treatment includes a relaxing head & scalp massage.

Natural Exfoliating Salt Glows

60 mins RM 145.00

Biossentials luscious all natural salt glows buff away dull, dry skin with a nourishing blend of deep sea salts, aromatic oils, clays and botanicals leaving your skin glowing and lightly moisture.

Ocean Breeze Cooling Body Wrap treatment with aloe vera, active marine algae and essential oils harvest the harmony of the sea to provide cooling comfort that soothe and calms the skin.

Puri Spice Wrap with exotic traditional herbs and spices awakens the senses providing a soothing and comforting body treatment.

Vibrant Ginger Salt Glow with Lemongrass, Grape fruit, Ginger and Lime awakens and energises.

Reviving Juniper Salt Glow with Juinperberry, Cypress and Rosemary stimulates and cleanses.

Luscious Rose Salt Glow with Damask Rose, Rose Geranium and Lavender refreshes and relaxes.

Natural Water Therapy

Relaxing Floral Milk Bath

60 mins RM 150.00

Biossentials all natural body treatments from time honoured traditions, envelop the body in pure nature to restore, nurture and soothe. Each treatment includes a relaxing head & scalp massage.

Natural Hand & Foot Treatments

Experience our Aromatherapy services to rejuvenate hands and feet.

Puri Foot Feast

60 mins RM 100.00

When you’ve been on your feet all day and feel completely beat, a soothing puri foot feast is the best reward. Start with a relaxing foot spa, followed by an energising ginger salt glow and coffee mask to exfoliate dead skin cells and soften the skin. Finish with a truly relaxing foot massage. Your feet never felt so good!

Relaxing Aroma Foot Massage

45 mins RM 65.00

Biossentials luscious all natural salt glows buff away dull, dry skin with a nourishing blend of deep sea salts, aromatic oils, clays and botanicals leaving your skin glowing and lightly moisture.