Places of Interest

Portuguese Square

Perhaps the right phrase to infer strong affinity to Portugal would be 'Mini Lisbon'. Located within the Portuguese Settlement, the square is the culmination of Portuguese culture in its full splendour and colours.

Butterfly Farm

One of the world's most comprehensive butterfly and insect farms with well over 200 local species including rare ones namely Raja Brooke and Birdwing. There is also a collection of more than 400 insect specimens.

St. John's Fort

Rebuilt by the Dutch during the third quarter of the 18 th century, the fort was once a private Portuguese chapel dedicated to St. John the Baptist. The fort has an interesting feature in that its gun embrasures face inland as during that time, attacks on Malacca came mainly from the hinterland instead of from the sea.

Kampung Mortem

Visitors to Malacca can find a Malay kampung or so called "living museum" in the heart of Malacca town, about two kilometres away from civic centre or the Dutch square. The village was named after a Mr J.F. Mortem, who was the Commissioner of Land when it was set up in early 1920s. Mr Mortem had helped in various ways to get the village up and going. The cluster of wooden houses stood on stilts occupying over six hectares of what was once swampy land. Owing to the village's proximity to the heart of the town and its continuous attraction, the residents take great pride in keeping their homes clean and neat and their compounds tidy and beautified with flowers and plants.

Trishaw Ride

The best way to enjoy Malacca in a slow and laid back manner.The trishaw will take you through streets and corners of Malacca that you could easily miss out if you decide to venture on your own. The trishaw can be rented on hourly or distance covered basis at The Stadthuys.

Bullock Cart Ride

Once the means of transportation for the rich of Malacca. The features that separate the bullock cart of Malacca to that of others are, the pointed roof in the shape of the horn of a bull, trappings and colours. A ride around Padang Pahlawan is at a minimal fee of RM1.00/person.

St. Peter's Church

Built in 1710 by the Portuguese descendants and comprising an architectural mix of the Oriental and Occidental.

Sam Po Kong Temple

Dedicated to Admiral Cheng Ho, the temple was named after a fish that miraculously saved the admiral's ship from sinking after it had been hit by a storm enroute to Malacca from China. The fish mysteriously placed itself against a damaged hull preventing the ship from taking on water.

Mini Malaysia

A stupendous theme complex to enable visitors to view the traditional houses of the 13 states of Malaysia on a single visit. The complex displays life-size authentic houses of Malaysia crafted by master builders. Each house has been furnished with corresponding elements adding ambience of originality that capture the houses in their traditional setting.

Auyin Hill Resort

Constructed based on the philosophy of 'Feng Shui' (geomancy), the resort is one of a kind in the country. Every element has been placed relative to the principle of celestial and terrestrial positioning accuracy to enhance its charm, 'chi'(power) and prosperity.


A unique theme park conceived as the summary of prominent cultural elements of the countries that make up ASEAN i.e. Malaysia, Indonesia, Thailand, Phillipines, Singapore and Brunei.

Recreational Forest

A serene setting of tropical forests awaits discovery. Untouched to enable visitors to truly experience a leisurely walk through a tropical haven.The trees are labelled making it fun and an educational for a quick lesson in Malaysia's rich flora and fauna. It is an ideal setting for juggle tracking, hiking, jogging and cycling. The routes are marked.

Crocodile Farm

The farm is the largest in the country. More than 100 species of crocodiles are reared here including Albino and hunchbacked. Lanscaped to create a natural environment conducive for the reptiles.

Malacca Zoo

More than 44 species of animals found in Southeast Asia and Africa amidst natural setting. Rated the best zoo in this part of the country, it is an enciting place to discover the animal kingdom at your own pace.

Dol Said Grave

The ninth ruler of Naning who defiantly opposed the imposition of tax on the districtby the British. The Naning war, waged in 1834, made Dol Said a hero of exceptional valor that earned him a permanent place in the history of Malacca.

Ayer Keroh Lake

Ideal for exciting water sports activities such as boating and canoeing. Equipped with amenities and facilities to enable a family to enjoy relaxing moments amidst scenic environment.

Dutch Fort

About 49 km. from Malacca city on the route to Port Dickson stands a Dutch fort built in 1757. It stands on raised ground known as Bukit Supai(Sepoy's Hill).

Gadek Hot Spring

Popular as the spa among visitors from far and wide seeking therapeutic cure for skin diseases. Handicraft shops and playgrounds have been made available to provide additional attractions for visitors. An ideal spot for family outing.

Hang Tuah's Mausoleum

A fully decorated admiral of Malacca's naval forces who defended successfully, countless attacks against Malacca sovereignty from Siamese and Achinise fleets. Hang Tuah's outstanding performance as a military officer made him a legend that has graced many a court and the history of Malacca.

Hang Tuah's well

Located in Kampung Duyong where Hang Tuah was born and spent his childhood among four of his good friends who would later become the famous knights of Malacca. The well is said to be the abode of his soul which takes the apparition. of a white crocodile. For a commoner to catch the glimpse of Hang Tuah is hardly likely. It is said that the holy among us can ever hope to see the apparition.

Malacca Traditional House

Architecturally resplendent and signature to Malacca's 19th century artistic style. Built by a Chieftain, intricate wood carving forms the unique facade as well as the interior section of the house. Located 5 km. Southwest of Merlimau town.

Tun Teja's Mausoleum

The daugter of Sri Amar Di Raja Pahang convinced by Hang Tuah to marry Sultan Mahmud Shah. Died a queen in Merlimau, about 24 km. from Malacca city, while retreating with members of Malacca royal family from Portuguese attack in 1511.

Jasin's Museum

Established to uncover the facts, and the myths, behind the establishment of Jasin as one of the significant settlements of Malacca's territorial expansion. Exhibits range from historical and cultural artifacts.

Alor Gajah's Museum

Exhibits will help visitors to journey into the past and to visualise the amazing stories behind the district of Alor Gajah.

Cape Rachado

Birdwatchers' paradise. An important lownland marking to migrating birds set in a serene headland forest punctuated by a blue lagoon and a beautiful beach.

Grilled Fish spots

On the shores at Serkam and Pengkalan Pernu(Umbai) some 15 km and 10 km respectively from Malacca, on the road south to Muar, visitors can pick their own fish and savour the delightful flavour of fresh grilled fish with an assortment of local dishes in a kampung or village environment.