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-July 2000

Hotel Puri Malacca was officially opened on 8th August 2000 by the Chief Minister of Malacca His Honourable Yang Amat Berhormat Datuk Wira Hj. Mohd. Ali Bin Mohd. Rustam. The Hotel has been in operation now for about a year and a half. We opened the Hotel despite being in the midst of the economic depression because we believe that the city of Malacca has so many things to offer, historically, culturally and economically. Its has been exciting times in Malacca over the past few years. Change is rampant. The aggresive economic policies has lead to immense growth especially in the manufacturing sector. This has lead to increased prosperity amongst the locals. This is evident in the springing up of several new restaurants and pubs even in the old part of town where our Hotel is. However, much of the old part of town has been resistant to change. The smell of incense and joss-sticks still permeate the small town air while the cries of children playing in the back streets punctuates the momentary peaceful silence. Such juxtaposition of the unavoidable new and the tenacious old is what makes the town of Malacca so intriguing! With the closure of Jonkers Street (just behind our Hotel) to traffic on weekend evenings, the old part of Malacca is enjoying a revival. Our Hotel has grown with Malacca, preserving the old and integrating the new. We understand that while welcoming the new, we must still keep the past and our traditions firmly planted in the ground.

Below are some pictures from the Official Opening Ceremony.

Official Opening plaque signed by the Chief Minister.
Chief Minister accepting a gift from Drs T.S. Tan - owner of Hotel Puri Malacca.

Official Opening banquet set in Swallow Hall.

Chief Minister touring the Hotel Gallery.
The Hotel Puri Malacca team with Chief Minister.

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